44m3 3bar LNG Semi-trailers Truck Mounted Lorry Tankers

44m3 3bar LNG Semi-trailers Truck Mounted Lorry Tankers

Minwen designs cryogenic LNG semi-trailers with excellent rollover stability and handling with lower centre of gravity, lighter tare, shorter length and wide wheel base. Super multi-layer heat insulation is adapted to meet customers' high standards.


LNG Semi-trailers Truck Mounted Bobtail Lorry Tankers
As the payload of cryogenic semi-trailers has a substantial impact on profitability, Minwen tries to do its best to provide its customers the highest possible capacity without compromising safety and durability. Considering their different densities, Minwen's cryogenic semi-trailers are designed for the maximized transport of liquefied cryogenic gases for LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2 and LNG transportation. Minwen has developed the full range of transport and storage solutions for cryogenic liquefied gases and flammable gases. We will solve your problems with timely quotes, consulting services, precision engineering and efficient design to meet your most stringent specifications. 

 Specification of Minwen's LNG transportation semi-trailer 
1. Medium: Liquid natural gas (LNG)
2. Capacity: 52m3 or as required
3. Working pressure: 0.8MPa or as required
4. Working temperature: -196C to +50C
5. Main material: SS304/ Q345R (carbon)
6. Vacuum design year: 5 years
7. Design life: 10 years (for trailer)/ 15 years (for tank)
8. Dimension (mm): 13220x2540x4000
9. Tare weight: 15950kgs  
10. Full weight: 24050kgs
11. Max gross weight: 40000kgs


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