Portable Cryogenic Cylinders

Cryogenic liquid cylinders, sometimes also referred to as Dewars, are insulated, vacuum jacketed, pressurized vessels. They come equippmed with safety relief valves and rupture disks to alleviate pressure buildups. These cylinders come in a variety of sizes ranging from 80-450 liters.

They are the right solution to store substances such as Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, Argon, CO2, LNG, LPG, Liquid Hydrogen, etc, all of which must be stored at very low temperatures in order to maintain their properties.

Our cryogenic containers are vacuum insulated, Stainless steel containers designed to store
And transport cryogenic liquid oxygen, nitrogen or argon. Containers may be used for over the road transportation of cryogenic fluids, as well as on-site storage and supply in a wide range of applications.
As rugged, long holding time, self-contained gas supply systems, these cylinders are capable of providing continuous flow rates of up to 9.2 cu.m/h, with a delivery pressure of approximately 100psig (6.9bar/690Kpa)
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